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The general cargo handling facilities include a cargo dock with a 25,000 sq. ft. staging area and a 20-ton Linden tower crane. Current commodities handled with the tower crane include inbound rubber and steel, plus outbound specialty cylinders. The dock area also includes two warehouses, 9,600 sq. ft and 2,000 sq. ft., currently utilized for storage of granular coke. In addition, the dock area has a truck dump and conveyor typically used for loading grain from truck to barge. The port also owns an array of forks, buckets and specialty handling accessories.

Located adjacent to the cargo dock is a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse that has been used for storage of various commodities, plus port-owned equipment and supplies. A smaller building is in this areahouses the port executive offices on the upper level with the lower level used for the storage of port supplies.

At the upstream end of the riverport is a second dock, equipped with a 125-ton crawler crane used to unload bulk materials. This crane transfers bulk materials such as sand, gravel, and coke from barge to a 32-inch belt conveyor. The conveyor carries the materials to the bulk storage yard where materials are routed via three radial stackers to different storage areas. The storage areas include outside storage for sand and gravel, inside storage of fertilizer with a capacity of 14,000 net tons and two domes with a combined capacity of 4,500 net tons for storage of petroleum coke. The dock areas and bulk storage yard described above are secure with fence, gates, lights, and closed-circuit TV cameras.

Two additional warehouses owned by the port and leased to a third party for storage and transfer of bulk rubber have a combined area of 58,000 sq. ft. The rubber is discharged utilizing the tower crane, moved by truck to these warehouses and eventually loaded to van trucks for shipment to the consumers of the product.

Primary Equipment
Quantity Equipment
1 125-ton Crawler Crane
1 20-ton Tower Crane
4 Rubber-tired Loaders
8 6,000# Forklifts
1 24,000# Forklift
1 52,000# Forklift
Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority | 2000 Wayne Sullivan Drive | Paducah, Kentucky 42002 | 270-442-9326