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The terminal operations area offers 2,700 ft. of water frontage. The current port authority operation is the discharge of granular fertilizer from barge to conveyor, transporting the product to a fertilizer storage and load-out operation. The dock area is also the location for a pipeline that is utilized for the discharge of liquid fertilizer to storage tanks. The fertilizer storage facility and the liquid tanks are owned, maintained, and operated by personnel from Agri-Chem, a major tenant at the port. The fertilizer storage facility has a capacity of 9,000 net tons, with the liquid fertilizer tanks having a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons.

The other major operation at the terminal is the receipt, storage, and barge load out of grain. The tenant for this operation is Peavey Grain, with Peavey personnel providing all labor and equipment for the operation. The grain handling facility includes a truck scale, storage bins, two truck dump pits, and two conveyor systems for loading grain to barges. Storage capacity at the grain facility is approximately 70,000 bushels. Adjacent to the grain handling facility is a compacted hardstand area utilized seasonally for storage of corn, with the capacity for outside storage of 630,000 bushels.

The third tenant is Rottgering Marine, providing storage and repair for pleasure boats on a ten-acre tract leased from the port authority. This acreage could offer the opportunity for an additional dock facility in the future upon the expiration of the Rottgering Marine lease.

Eddyville owns one small building located on the acreage leased to Rottgering, with use of the building part of the lease agreement. The other port-owned building is an office complex located near the entrance to port facilities. The total riverport employment is currently three.

Primary Equipment
Quantity Equipment
1 946 Hydraulic Material Handler
1 Skid Loader
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